What Is Red Eye Coffee- Everything You Need to Know

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Have you heard of red eye coffee but you aren’t quite sure if it’s something you should order at a coffee shop? Or are you looking to expand your knowledge of coffee drinks and try something new like red eye coffee? We’re excited to share more in detail about this specialty coffee drink that is not quite as widely known but is definitely delicious!

What Is Red Eye Coffee?

Red eye coffee is a cup of drip coffee with an added shot of espresso. It is a drink that you can find at most coffee shops and also comes in other variations, such as dead eye and black eye which we’ll go into further detail below!

Why Is It Called a Red Eye Coffee?

It is called a red eye coffee because it’s coffee that gives you a bit of a kick with the shot of espresso when you’re tired. It was named in reference to red eye flights, which are overnight flights that take off at night and arrive in the morning. “red eye” is in reference to a person’s eyes becoming red or bloodshot from fatigue or lack of sleep.

Red Eye Coffee Variations 

Black Eye

Black eye coffee is quite similar to red eye coffee. It is drip coffee with two shots of espresso instead of one like you would find in a red eye coffee. 

Dead Eye

Dead eye coffee, just like red eye and black eye, is made with drip coffee. Dead eye coffee has three shots of espresso in it. It is also sometimes referred to as triple red eye coffee. 

Steps to Make a Classic Red Eye Coffee at Home

Brewing a red eye coffee at home is easier than you may think. All you need to do is brew drip coffee and pull however many espresso shots you want to add. Then, just mix them together in your mug, add any cream or sugar you take your coffee with, and you’re ready to enjoy your drink!

Wrapping Up

Red eye coffee is an excellent coffee drink to make at home or get from your local coffee shop. Especially if you are looking for a bit more punch to your coffee or need more caffeine than what you’re getting from a regular cup of drip coffee. Just to recap, red eye coffee is made with drip coffee and one shot of espresso.

If one shot of espresso isn’t going to be enough punch for you then you may want to opt for a black eye or dead eye coffee that comes with two and three shots of espresso! Overall, they can be pretty tasty and can be quite easy to make at home! Happy brewing!

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