Makita Coffee Maker Review

makita coffee maker, photo of black coffee sitting on top of two maps on a wooden table

Do you want the freedom of making coffee anywhere, even when you are camping, fishing, traveling, working, etc.? You may not have an outlet you can plug a coffee maker into, however, with the Makita Coffee Maker you don’t need one! 

This compact battery-operated coffee maker is an excellent coffee maker to bring with you to make hot coffee without needing to be somewhere that has electricity! 

We’re excited to share everything you need to know about the Makita Coffee Maker in our review, let’s dive in!

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Quick Overview

The Makita Coffee Maker is a battery-powered coffee maker that is quite compact and lightweight. It’s one of the few battery-powered coffee makers on the market that will heat your water for you and make a steaming hot cup of coffee anywhere you want.

It can make up to three 5 ounce cups of coffee in a single battery charge and one cup of coffee per brew cycle. The battery and charger are sold separately, however, this is a handy coffee maker to add to your collection of coffee appliances. Overall, we recommend this coffee maker!

Key Features 

Battery Powered

This powerful coffee machine allows you to brew coffee anywhere. It is battery-powered and doesn’t require a power outlet to brew coffee. 

Brews Up To 3 Cups On a Single Battery Charge

Another feature that is important to know about is that this coffee maker can brew a maximum of three 5 ounce cups of coffee on a single battery charge. So, if you plan to make more coffee than that, make sure to bring extra charged batteries. 

Permanent Drip Filter

This battery-operated coffee maker also comes with a permanent drip filter. This means you will never have to use paper filters with this machine and instead you’ll be able to brew your coffee with the permanent filter. 

Compact Design 

The Makita Coffee Machine also is quite compact and lightweight and will be easy to travel with if you want to take it camping or on a trip. It is 8-9/16” tall and has a 3-½” cup clearance. 


It also comes with a few accessories. With the coffee maker, you will also get a coffee cup with a lid, a measuring spoon, and the water tank is removable. Please note that this maker does not come with the battery and charger and needs to be purchased separately. 

Pros & Cons

What We Like


One pro we really like about this machine is that it is so compact. You’ll be able to easily bring it with you wherever you want to brew coffee since it doesn’t take up very much space and is pretty lightweight!

Heats Water

Although the machine can only make 3 small cups of coffee with one battery charge, that’s namely due to the machine’s ability to heat water. Other battery-powered coffee makers on the market typically do not have this feature.

Use Anywhere

Of course, we have to include one of the biggest pros of this coffee maker is that you can brew a hot cup of coffee anywhere. It’s battery-powered and you are not limited to having an outlet or electricity to be able to make a hot cup of coffee. 

What Can Be Improved

Charger and Battery Included 

One thing we would like to see from this machine would be the battery and charger included. Since the machine requires a battery to run, we would have liked to have seen it included with the item, rather than having to go and purchase the battery and charger separate which is more inconvenient and isn’t intuitive if you didn’t already know you needed to purchase these items separately. 

Only Makes a Small Cup of Coffee

The machine only makes one small 5-ounce cup of coffee per brew cycle which takes about 5 minutes. So, if you are in a rush or looking for a bigger cup of joe from your battery-powered coffee maker, this may not be the best option for you. 

Who Is This Product Best For?

This coffee maker is best for anyone who wants to make coffee anywhere without being limited by access to electricity. Whether that be when you’re camping, traveling, working, etc. This coffee maker is battery powered which means the options of where you can brew coffee is unlimited since you don’t need an outlet to brew a hot cup of coffee! 

This is probably not the best coffee maker to replace the drip coffee maker you keep in your kitchen. It takes about 5 minutes to brew a 5-ounce cup of coffee and can only make 3 cups on a single battery charge. But it is an excellent coffee maker to have on hand in case you lose power or want hot coffee when you go camping. 


In terms of battery-operated coffee makers, this one is definitely one of the most expensive coffee makers on the market.

However, it is also a full drip coffee maker unlike other products on the market. Other products have fewer features and require more work. This item replicates a drip coffee maker that runs on a battery and even has the power to heat up your water for you. 

Final Verdict 

Overall, we think the Makita Coffee Maker is an excellent battery-powered coffee maker. Although it does make small cups of coffee, it will always brew a hot cup of coffee in about 5 minutes and is an excellent device to bring with you whenever you want coffee but don’t have electricity. Whether that’s when you are camping, fishing, traveling or working.