Helping you brew an amazing cup of coffee every single time.

Brewing coffee at home doesn’t have to be a chore. Or something you have to spend a ton of money on at your local coffee shop every week because you don’t know how to make your favorite drink. Making your own coffee can be a great way for you to start your day, a way to make your coffee the exact way you want it, and even stepping out of your comfort zone by trying something new!

And that’s exactly why Coffee Belly was born.

Hi, my name is Ali Redmond, the founder of Coffee Belly, and I started this website with a single mission: to help people create their version of a perfect cup of coffee from the comfort of their home. 

I want to help you be excited to get up in the morning and brew the perfect cup of joe that’s so yummy it makes you do a little happy dance. I also want help to eliminate the time and effort it takes to find out what the perfect espresso machine or french press is for the type of coffee you want to make and within your budget.

Not only that, but we are dedicated to making sure all of our advice, guides, and products you find on this website are easy to understand, researched, and written with you in mind!