The Moccamaster Cup One Technivorm Coffee Maker Review – Everything You Need to Know!

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Are you looking for a high-end one cup coffee maker that makes delicious coffee every time? The Moccamaster Cup One Technivorm Coffee Brewer is perfect for anyone who doesn’t typically drink a lot of coffee and is looking for a high-end coffee maker that will make a damn good cup of coffee.

It can be difficult to find a good quality machine that only makes one cup of really good coffee, however, this one does exactly that! You no longer will have to deal with a huge carafe, wasted coffee, or making too much that you just end up pouring down the drain. We’re excited to share our review on this coffee maker and everything you need to know! Let’s dive in!

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Quick Overview

The Moccamaster Cup One Technivorm Coffee Maker has a variety of benefits and overall is a high-end one-cup coffee maker that we recommend. It makes a delicious cup of coffee and brews it at the right temperature so the coffee will not come out watered-down, burnt, or bitter.

It has a quick brew time, stainless steel features, and is very easy to clean up after your coffee brews. Overall, it’s great for those that want just one cup of coffee and are looking for a premium high-end machine. 

Key Features & Benefits

Makes 1 Cup of Delicious Coffee

If you don’t drink a lot of coffee, this one-cup coffee machine is perfect for you! The water reservoir holds up to 10 ounces and it brews enough coffee for one mug. It also is brewed at the perfect temperature so your coffee doesn’t come out tasting burnt or sour, it comes out tasting delicious. 

Stainless Steele 

The coffee maker features a very sleek stainless steel design that has a very modern look. The machine will easily fit in with most kitchen decor and will look sleek and modern if you choose to keep it on your counter. 

Quick Brew Time 

It only takes about 3 minutes to brew which isn’t very long. You’ll be able to quickly make yourself a cup of joe, this is especially convenient if you want to bring your coffee with you in a travel cup and bring your coffee to go.

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Easy Clean-Up

This machine is very easy to clean up. You use your own mug instead of a carafe and the filter uses a disposable coffee filter that you can easily throw away.

The drip tray that goes underneath the mug is also very easy to remove by just picking it up. You can then rinse it off or clean it if any coffee gets dripped onto it.

These features combined make it extremely easy and quick to clean up after you brew your cup of coffee. 

Who Is This Product Best Suited For?

The Moccamaster Cup One Coffee Maker is perfect for those who are looking for a high-end one-cup coffee maker. It’s great if you don’t drink a lot of coffee or live in a one-person household and are looking for a machine that will make a delicious cup of coffee.

The coffee this machine makes isn’t burnt or lower quality like some other one-cup coffee makers will be. The machine is also great for anyone who wants an easy and quick clean-up along with other benefits this machine has!

This product is not best suited would be those that drink multiple cups of coffee a day, those who do not mind having a lower-quality cup of coffee, or those who don’t want to buy a high-quality one-cup coffee machine. 


This one-cup coffee maker is fairly expensive. It is definitely on the higher end for one-cup coffee makers. However, the machine is definitely higher quality and makes a high-quality cup of coffee. The price is worth it if you want to splurge and get a premium coffee machine, this one is worth the price. 

Final Verdict 

Our final verdict for the Moccamaster Cup One Coffee Machine is that we recommend it! Overall, it has a variety of benefits that just make your life easier and make a damn good cup of coffee. If you are looking for a premium one-cup coffee maker, this one is a great option and one we think you should buy! Cheers!

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