How to Make a Latte at Home With an Espresso Machine

how to make a latte

Making a latte at home can be a relatively easy process, especially after you do it a few times. Which is why we are excited to share how to make a latte with an espresso machine! With a little bit of practice, your latte will taste authentic and just as good as the ones you purchase from your local coffee shop! 

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What Is a Latté

A latte is a coffee drink made with espresso, hot steamed milk and frothed milk. It is more layered than a cappuccino. Lattes originated in Italy and are often served hot but can also be served cold. Coffee enthusiasts also love them for creating latte art with steamed milk. They’re also a widely popular coffee drink that you will find at just about any coffee shop, often in various flavors. 

How to Make a Latte With an Espresso Machine

What You’ll Need

– Espresso machine

– Espresso beans

– Milk pitcher (usually comes with espresso machines) 

– Mug

Step 1. Grind Espresso Beans

If your espresso machine has a built in grinder, simply add your espresso beans into the bean hopper and grind them so they’re fine. 

If your espresso machine does not have a grinder, go ahead and grind your beans on the fine setting. If you have a kitchen scale, you should grind about 2 ounces of ground espresso to make a one cup latte with two shots of espresso. Grind the espresso, put it into the portafilter, tamp it down, and place it into the espresso machine.

Step 2. Pull The Espresso Shots

Next you will want to begin the process of pulling your espresso shots. We recommend using two espresso shots in your latte. You can brew the espresso directly into your mug or use an espresso cup, depending on your preference and your machine.

Step 3. Froth and Steam Milk

Turn the steamer on and let it run for a moment to clean out any residue. Next, you will want to use 6 ounces of milk and put the milk into the milk pitcher. Pause the steam and put the wand into the milk and let it steam for about 5 seconds and then pull the wand back a little. This will create the foam, you don’t want a ton of foam but just a little.

After you let it foam for a few moments, put the wand back further into the milk pitcher to continue heating and steaming the milk. Let it heat for roughly 30-40 seconds depending on your espresso machine. Once it’s heated stop the steamer and take the pitcher out. 

Step 4. Combine

First, start with your espresso in your mug. Then tap the bottom of the milk pitcher a few times against your counter and swirl it to release any air bubbles and to combine some of the foam and steamed milk together.

Then pour the milk directly into the middle of the espresso starting from holding the pitcher high up and then slowly moving downwards closer to the mug. Here you can do latte if art if you want! Then, once the frothed milk is emptied into your espresso the foam will come out of the milk pitcher which you can put on top of your latte.

Step 5. Enjoy

Don’t mix up your latte, it’s good to drink after you pour the milk in. All that is left to do is sit back and enjoy your latte! 

Wrapping Up

Making a latte at home is relatively simple and will be just as delicious as the ones you purchase at a coffee shop. They’re even easier and taste more authentic if you have an espresso machine you can use. We hope it was helpful learning how to make a latte with an espresso machine in this article, happy brewing!