Delonghi EC 155 Review

delonghi ec 155 review

Are you new to making espresso and are looking for a good beginner machine? Or are you looking for an espresso machine that won’t cost you a ton of money and will make great espresso? 

You will want to consider the Delonghi EC 155. It’s a simple, compact, and easy to use espresso machine that a lot of coffee drinkers love!

This is why we are sharing our Delonghi EC 155 review to help you decide if this is the espresso machine for you. 

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Quick Overview

The Delonghi EC 155 is a 15 bar pump espresso machine that is sleek, compact, and affordable. It comes with an attached milk frother to make creating espresso drinks like cappuccinos or lattes a breeze. Overall, we are impressed and think this is a great budget-friendly machine for anyone who is a beginner or wants a simple machine that will make delicious espresso. 

De’longhi EC 155

Key Features

15 Bar Pump 

This espresso machine has a 15 bar pump. The bar pump, for those who don’t know, refers to how much pressure is used to force the water through the coffee grounds when brewing espresso. The industry standard is 9 bars.

Pump espresso machines, like the Delonghi EC 155 brews much better espresso than steam-driven espresso machines.

Overall, the 15 bar pump pressure this machine has contributes to it making high-quality delicious espresso. 

Built-in Milk Frother

One of the key features of the DeLonghi EC 155 is the built-in milk frother so you can easily make cappuccinos or lattes with your espresso. The manual frother mixes steam and milk so your milk froth always comes out rich, creamy, and evenly textured like a cloud. 

Versatile Filter

The three-in-one filter that comes with the espresso machine can hold one espresso shot, two espresso shots, or an espresso pod. You have multiple options for how and how much espresso you want to brew.

This is especially handy if you are someone who loves espresso pods or like to have two espresso shots in their coffee drink. You won’t have to brew two batches if you are wanting to drink two shots. 

Space-Saving Design

It is designed to fit into small spaces and is a great option for anyone who has limited counter space for an espresso machine. It’s sleek, compact, and takes up minimal space.

Which is a big contrast compared to some espresso machines that can take up a ton of space. This one however is simple, small, and perfect for those limited on counter space! 

Manual Machine

It’s a manual machine. You will have to do everything except push the grounds through the machine to brew.

However, it’s simple and is not complicated once you get the hang of it. It doesn’t have a bunch of frills or a bunch of bells and whistles. However, it’ll make delicious espresso and froth milk. 

Easy to Clean 

It’s also relatively easy to clean. The water reservoir, filter,  and metal drip tray are easy to remove and either hand wash or throw in the dishwasher. 

Pros & Cons

What We Love

Small Size for Limited Counter Space

We love that the Delonghi EC 155 is compact and small. Espresso machines can run fairly large and take up a lot of counter space.

This is why we love that this one is so small and is great for anyone who is limited on counter space and doesn’t have a lot of room for a big espresso machine. 

Milk Frother 

We also love that it comes with a built-in milk frother. You can easily make lattes and cappuccinos without having to buy an additional milk frother. You can also frother milk before or after you pull your espresso shot.  


We like that this machine is simple. It doesn’t have a ton of additional features but for the price that makes sense. It does the job and makes delicious espresso

What Can Be Improved

Small Water Reservoir

The water reservoir is fairly small and you will have to refill it often if you are making a lot of espresso. 

Can Only Fit Espresso Shot Glasses 

You will have to have small espresso cups to pull espresso with. You won’t be able to put your regular coffee mug underneath the spout.

The space is very short and limited and doesn’t allow for anything that is much bigger than an espresso cup. You can remove the drip tray and get a few more inches, but you are likely to not be able to fit most mugs. 


The Delonghi EC 155 is best for anyone who is new to making espresso and anyone who wants a simple machine that will get the job done without additional bells and whistles. 

The Delonghi EC 155 is a more simple and budget friendly espresso machine. It’ll make good espresso shots and froth milk and that’s pretty much it. 

It’s a great starter machine for anyone new to making espresso and don’t want to commit to the higher priced machines just yet. 

It is not for anyone who is looking for an elaborate high-end espresso machine and wants an espresso machine with a bunch of additional features. 


The Delonghi EC 155 is on the low end in terms of pricing for espresso machines. It’s budget friendly and although it is a lot cheaper, it will definitely do the job of brewing espresso.

You are not going to get as many features and more hands-off functions as you would with more expensive espresso machines. But it is a great machine for the price! 

Final Verdict 

We recommend the Delonghi EC 155 for anyone who is either looking for a beginner espresso machine or is looking for a budget espresso machine that is simple and makes great espresso.

We think it has enough features that you can make delicious espresso drinks but it doesn’t have too many features that drive the price up that you are likely to not use very often. 

We hope you enjoyed of Delonghi EC 155 review and that it helped make your decision easier! 

De’longhi EC 155