How to Use a Moka Pot

how to use a moka pot

Moka pot coffee is pretty underrated in the coffee world. It has a bad reputation for making bitter tasting coffee, however, if you keep your machine clean and follow our Moka pot instructions and tips on making coffee using this brew method, you should be able to avoid accidentally making your coffee taste bitter.

Moka pot coffee is a great way to make delicious coffee. It’s coffee that is halfway between drip coffee and espresso. It can be really delicious if done correctly. Which is why we are sharing with you how to use a moka pot in this ultimate guide today! Let’s dive in. 

What you’ll need: 

– Moka pot (for the best Moka pots, click here to read our review!) 

– Water

– Grinder

– Coarsely ground coffee

– Optional: Tea Kettle

– Mug 

Step 1. Grind Coffee

You don’t want your coffee to be ground to be ultrafine like you would for espresso, you want it to be slightly coarser like what size you would typically use for drip coffee. If you don’t have a coffee grinder you can use pre-ground coffee that you would use for drip coffee. 

Step 2. Fill The Basket

Fill the basket with your coffee grounds. Don’t tamp it or press it down but you can level it off with your finger or a knife.

Step 3. Fill Bottom Chamber With Hot Water 

You want to fill the lower valve with hot water. Either by heating up a kettle or just using hot tap water. Using already hot water is recommended because when you are heating up the water it also heats up your coffee and can result in a more bitter taste. Fill it up until the water is right under the safety valve. 

Step 4. Put the Moka Pot Together

Next, put the basket full of coffee grounds in the lower chamber and screw the top on. You may want to use a towel to hold the bottom while you put the top on as it may be quite hot from the hot water you just poured in. 

Step 5. Place On Heat

Next, you want to put the Moka pot on heat. Either place your Moka pot on a stovetop, burner, or the electric base it came with, depending on what type of Moka pot you have. It should be placed on medium-low heat. Also, flip the lid open so you can see when it is done brewing at outlined in the next step. 

Here the pressure inside the pot pushes the coffee up and will flow into the top part of the Moka pot. 

Step 6. Watch and Listen for Gurgling Sound

Don’t set your Moka pot on the stove and walk away. You want to be near and listen for it to make a gurgling noise. When you start to hear a gurgling bubbling noise, that is when you will know it needs to be taken off of the heat. 

Step 7. Cool It Down 

Once it is ready to be removed from the heat source, shut the lid and use either a cold wet towel or run cold water over the base to stop the brew process completely and you’ll be able to drink your coffee. 

Step 8. Pour and Enjoy 

Next, you just pour the brew into your coffee cup and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee!

Tips For Using a Moka Pot 

Use a Clean Moka Pot 

Make sure you use a clean Moka pot every time. Don’t let there be any coffee remains in the pot before you go to brew a fresh batch. Some people believe left over coffee or oils will make your coffee taste better. However, it could do quite the opposite, it could make your coffee taste more rancid. So, always brew with a freshly cleaned Moka pot. If you are using an aluminum Moka pot the material can retain coffee oils after it’s cleaned which will add to the flavor of your coffee.  

Store The Rubber Gasket Properly

The rubber gasket needs to be kept clean so it can seal correctly to the pot. Also, when you store it, you don’t want it tightened on the moka pot, you want it loose. This is because it can add pressure and ultimately wear out quicker over time. 

Don’t Make Less Coffee Than What Your Moka Pot Is Meant For

It’s not good for the machine if you are consistently using less coffee than your machine is made for. So, if you have a 3 cup Moka pot, you should be making 3 cups just about every time. 

Keep Handle Cool 

Make sure your handle is not sitting directly over the heat when you are making the coffee. You don’t want it to melt or get too hot when you go to grab it off of your heat source. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope you learned something new with our brewing guide on how to use a moka pot and were able to make your own delicious cup of coffee. Moka pot coffee, despite what you may have heard, can make a really good cup of joe. Happy brewing!