Cuisinart Coffee Center Review

cuisinart coffee center

Are you looking for a dual coffee machine that can make a pot of coffee but also single-serve? It’ll save you space and be a more affordable solution than having two different coffee machines on your countertop.

This is why we’re excited to share our Cuisinart Coffee Center review to help you decide if this is the right coffee maker for you and your lifestyle!

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Quick Overview

The Cuisinart Coffee Center is a finicky machine and it has some issues, but overall we don’t hate it. It’s not our first pick for a dual coffee machine based on the price and the small issues the machine tends to have.

It has been reported by multiple users that it has a leaking problem. We don’t think it should have leaking problems if you’re paying top dollar for a dual coffee machine.

Some ways to help avoid it leaking, which Cuisinart has addressed and adjusted their user manual, is to not use super-fine coffee grounds or to not use a coffee filter in addition to their reusable coffee filter.

However, if you know you don’t use super-fine coffee grounds and are fine cleaning up some spills and are a big fan of the Cuisinart brand, it’s not a terrible machine. 

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Key Features 

One of the key features of the Cuisinart Coffee Center that makes this coffee machine different than others is the fact that it’s a dual coffee machine. One side has a fully automatic thermal coffeemaker and the other side has a single-serve brewer. 

On the single serve side you can choose from 3 serving size, 6, 8, or 10 oz of coffee. The single serve side is also K cup pod compatible and it comes with a reusable filter that allows you to use your own coffee grounds if you don’t want to use K cups. 

It also has a removable 40 oz reservoir and energy-saving mode, a charcoal water filter, and a removable drip tray to fit travel mugs. 

The carafe side allows you to brew up to 10 cups of coffee and is fully automatic. You can program it to start brewing within 24 hours, it has a self-clean feature, and an alert to let you know when your coffee is done brewing.

The carafe side also comes with brew-strength control, a pause feature for if you want to pour a cup of coffee mid-brew, and a gold-tone reusable coffee filter.

Pros & Cons

What We Like

Dual System

We like that it is a dual system coffee maker. You have the option to make a 10-cup pot of coffee on one side and a single cup of coffee on the single-serve side and you can choose if you want 6, 8, or 10 oz of coffee. It’s great for anyone who likes to make both. 

Lots of Features on Carafe Side 

We also like that it has a lot of features on the carafe side. Such as being able to program it to brew at a later time, it has a self-clean feature, and it has brew strength control. It has a lot of features that basic drip coffee machines don’t have which we really like. 

K Cup Capabilities 

We also like that the single-serve side has K cup capabilities. It makes it super simple to pop one in, hit brew, and enjoy your cup of coffee.

We also love that it comes with a filter that also allows you to use your own ground coffee too if you aren’t wanting to make a K cup. We like that it has this versatile function.

What Could be Improved 

Leaking Issue 

A lot of people have complained that their machine leaks randomly onto their counter. Cuisinart is aware of this defect and has updated its user manual to tell you not to use ultra-fine coffee grounds and to not use paper coffee filters in the reusable coffee filter basket it comes with.

These seem to be the root of the leaking issue. It also seems like the leaking tends to happen internally on the single-serve side

Who Is a Dual Coffee Maker Best For?

A dual coffee maker, like the Cuisinart Coffee Center, is best for anyone who enjoys making a pot of coffee and single-serve coffee but doesn’t want more than one machine. Dual coffee makers are versatile machines that can have a bunch of features and can be a jack of all trades. 

They’re not great for people who drink several cups of coffee every day and don’t care about using K cups. You won’t get as much out of the machine and would be better off with a drip coffee machine with a bunch of features that would probably be lower cost.


The Cuisinart Coffee Center is priced at the higher end of dual coffee makers. It has a lot of different customizable features, which is what we think is the reason it’s on the higher end, but you are also paying for the brand name. 

We think it is comparable to other dual coffee makers that are at a lower price, especially because some people seem to have a leaking issue with this machine. 

Final Verdict 

All in all, we don’t recommend the Cuisinart Coffee Center. We really enjoy that it has a lot of different features and that it is super versatile.

However, if you’re paying top dollar for a dual coffee machine, it should not be leaking. Not everyone seems to have a leaking problem, but a lot are and it’s enough for us to encourage you to look at other dual coffee makers. 

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