Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review – Should You Purchase It?

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Do you want more options from your coffee maker? Do you want to make drinks at home that you would normally get from the coffee shop?

With the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, you’re able to change the brew style of your coffee and even make lattes and cappuccinos like the ones you would pick up from your local coffee shop. 

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is a higher-end coffee maker that has a bunch of custom features and we’re excited to share our review of it with you to help you decide if it’s the perfect coffee maker for you!

Find out why we think you’ll be able to take your coffee to the next level and make specialty coffee drinks from the comfort of your home with the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker in our comprehensive review. Keep reading to get all the facts! 

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Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Quick Overview

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is a highly customizable coffee maker that has a lot of great features.

You have 4 different brew styles, multiple cup size options, programmable settings, and a built-in milk frother. You’ll be able to make anything from your typical classic brew to specialty coffee house drinks like lattes or cappuccinos.

It’s comparable in price to other specialty coffee makers and is a great machine for anyone who wants more out of their coffee maker. More options, more features, and more fun. Overall, we recommend the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Let’s break it down. 

Key Features 

4 Brew Styles 

It has 4 brew styles you can choose from, classic, rich, over ice and specialty concentrated.

The classic brew will make your coffee with more balanced flavors. The rich brew will create a more intense taste. You’ll also be able to brew fresh over ice for delicious iced coffee. The specialty brew is super-rich which is perfect for lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and other coffeehouse-style drinks. 

6 Brew Sizes 

It also has 6 brew sizes so you always make the perfect amount and don’t have any issues with brewing too much and having to dump half of it out at the end of the day.

You’ll have the option to brew a single cup, XL single cup, travel mug XL travel mug, half carafe which is 5 cups or a full carafe of 10 cups.  

Hot milk frother

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker also has a built-in milk frother that folds away when you aren’t using it and you can use hot or cold milk in the frother. You don’t have to heat it up first if you don’t want to. 

Programmable Delay Brew 

It also comes with the feature of being able to program your machine to start brewing coffee in advance. So, if you wanted to wake up to the aroma of coffee being brewed or have your cup of joe waiting and ready when you get up in the morning, the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker lets you do this!

Pros & Cons

What We Like 

Built-In Milk Frother

We really like that it comes with a built-in milk frother. You don’t need to buy your own and you’ll be able to easily make coffee house drinks at home. We think it sets it apart from other coffee makers and it’s a nice added feature for anyone who is new to making specialty drinks or is a pro when it comes to making coffee drinks.

4 Brew Styles

We also like that it comes with 4 brew styles. You’ll be able to change up what type of coffee you have every day or stick to your favorite. We think this is unique and is overall a fun way to keep your cup of joe interesting and delicious. 

Multiple Sizes 

We also are fans of the multiple cup size capabilities this machine offers. It’s perfect for days when you are brewing coffee for one person, or when you’re brewing for two of three. It’s a great customizable feature that we love!

What Can Be Improved

It’s Big

If you don’t have much space for a coffee machine, you may want to get one smaller in size. This one is quite large and will take up a good amount of space. We recommend measuring the space you want to put it in before you order it to make sure it’ll fit due to its size. Its dimensions are 11.99 x 8.75 x 15.04 inches. 

It Does Not Steam Milk

If you are expecting it to steam milk, it won’t. The built-in milk frother will only froth milk. Some coffee drinkers may assume that it does both but we don’t want you to be disappointed if you are expecting it to also steam your milk because it won’t! It’ll just froth it where it is fluffy like a cloud. 

Who is this Best Suited For? 

We think the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is best suited for anyone who is looking for a higher-end customizable coffee maker. This is not the machine for anyone looking for a simple and cheap coffee maker. It has a bunch of customizable options and is a great upgrade to anyone who is looking for something that will up their coffee game and will have delicious coffee every brew along with a built-in milk frother. 


The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is in the same price range as other specialty coffee makers.

It’s definitely more expensive than a regular drip coffee machine which is why it’s considered a specialty coffee maker and comes with a lot more customizable features. The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is definitely a higher-end coffee maker. 

Final Verdict 

We recommend the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker for anyone who is looking for a more advanced and customizable coffee maker than a standard maker.

We think it has a ton of great features, highly customizable, and is overall a great and reliable coffee machine.

We are fans of this coffee machine and hope our Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker review has helped you decide if it’s the coffee maker for you and your household! 

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

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