Flair Espresso Maker Review: Which One You Should Get

Photo of gray flair espresso maker being used to make a cup of espresso

Are you curious about which Flair Espresso Maker is best for you? Or are you new to making espresso and are looking for a high-quality yet affordable option? You’ve come to the right place! We’re excited to review the manual espresso makers Flair has to offer. We’ll share the differences between the different Flair Espresso Maker models and everything you should consider before purchasing one and if it’s the right fit for you. 

The Flair espresso machines are iconic and all feature a similar foundation, made from the same high-quality materials and can brew between 6-9 bars which is perfect for brewing a shot of espresso. Some models have more features than others, which we’ll get into in this article! Let’s dive in!

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Flair Espresso Makers 

Classic Flair Espresso Maker

Classic Flair Espresso Maker

  • Most Basic Model
  • Strong Base, Post, and Lever
  • Standard Brew Head
  • No Pressure Gauge

The Classic Flair Espresso Maker is a complete manual espresso maker that lets you create shots of espresso from your house that are of professional quality. It is fully manual, it does not need electricity and is easily portable.

It comes with a padded case that makes it easy to travel with. It’s also pretty easy to clean, it has a completely detachable brewing head which is a feature you won’t find on other manual espresso makers. This makes it easy to separate the parts of the machine and easily rinse it with cool water to clean.

You will need to use a burr grinder with this espresso maker for a consistent and fine grind. It also has a strong base, post, and lever that is made from high-quality materials such as cast aluminum and stainless steel. It’s built to last and even has a 5-year warranty. 

The NEO Flair Espresso Maker

The NEO Flair Espresso Maker

  • Standard Brew head
  • No Pressure Gauge
  • Flow- Control Portafilter
  • No Carrying Case

The NEO Flair Espresso Maker is also fully manual and features a hand-lever press. It does not require electricity to brew a shot of espresso and is completely human-powered.

It features a Flow-Control Portafilter. This portafilter restricts the flow of the water through the grounds to ensure a consistent extraction and crema. You can use any grinder with this manual espresso maker and not have to worry about dialing in your shot. The portafilter does all the work for you.

The NEO also has a detachable brewing head and the parts of this machine come apart easily so it is quite easy to rinse with cool water to clean. It is also high quality and made out of cast aluminum and stainless steel and also comes with a 5-year warranty. It does not come with a carrying case or a pressure gauge. 

Flair Signature Espresso Maker 

Flair Signature Espresso Maker 

  • Standard Brew Head
  • Botomless 2-in-1 Portafilter
  • Pressure Gauge Included
  • Stainless Steel Tamper Included
  • Copper-Plated Portafilter Base 

The Flaire Signature Espresso Maker is a manual espresso maker and also does not require electricity to run. It features a custom pressure gauge, which allows you to visually see the feedback as well as target the espresso range that lets you see how much pressure you’re using.

The Flair Signature also comes with a pressure kit that has a stainless steel tamper and a bottomless 2-in1 portafilter that allows for spouted or naked brewing.

Like the other Flair espresso makers, the Signature had a detachable brewing head that makes it easy to take apart and rinse it in the sink for easy and simple cleaning.

It is also fully portable with a padded carrying case. The machine is also made out of cast aluminum and stainless steel and the portafilter base is copper-plate. It’s built to last and comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Flair Pro 2 Espresso Maker 

Flair Pro 2 Espresso Maker 

  • Stainless Steel Bottomless Portafilter
  • Removable Stainless Steel Spout
  • Stainless Steel Drip Tray and Tamper
  • Includes Pressure Gauge
  • Silicone handle Grip
  • Has The Most Upgraded Features Out of All Flair Espresso Makers

The Flair Pro 2 Espresso Maker is a more premium version than the other espresso makers Flair has to offer, and it comes with the most features.

It has a large portafilter and a pressure gauge which will allow you to see if you need to add more or less pressure when you’re pulling the espresso. The portafilter basket is also curved which makes it easy to be able to see the espresso flowing and you can keep track of the quality of the shot you’re pulling.

The Flair Pro 2 also has a removable stainless steel spout, silicone handle grip, and a silicone protective wrap around the gauge which makes it pretty durable. This espresso maker features a stainless steel brewing head and two-piece drip tray, as well as a copper-plated portafilter base.

Pros and Cons

What We Like: 

It’s Affordable 

We really like that the Flair Espresso Makers are affordable for a portable and manual espresso maker. they’re good quality and are well made, but also won’t break the bank.

These espresso makers are a great option for anyone looking for an affordable manual espresso maker. There are definitely cheaper manual and automatic espresso machines out there, however, for the quality of the machines, the price is really good, especially if you’re new to making espresso and want to give it a try before investing a lot into the hobby of making espresso!

Easy To Make Good Espresso

The Flair Espresso Makers are designed to make it easy to pull a delicious espresso shot. It may take some practice and ensuring your beans are the correct grind size, however, it is pretty easy to pull a good shot.

Also, if the Flair espresso maker you choose doesn’t come with a pressure gauge, we would recommend getting one from Flair so that you can see how much or how little pressure you should be using when pulling the shot of espresso.

As well as using or purchasing a tamper. Tamping your portafilter will improve the taste of your espresso and allow for the machine to properly brew espresso. 

Easy Maintenance

Since the machine easily comes apart, it’s quite easy to maintain. You just need to rinse it with cool water and let it air dry or dry it by hand and reassemble. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and doesn’t require any descaling or flushing, just a rinse!

What Can Be Improved: 

More Space In Travel Case 

The travel case that comes with some of Flair Espresso Makers or that you can purchase for an additional price only fits the espresso maker. So, if you want to bring extra brew heads, a grinder, coffee, a tamper, etc. you’ll need to bring another bag for them.

Brew Head Can Get Hot

Another thing that can be improved about Flair Espresso Makers is how hot the brew head gets. It can be uncomfortably hot. Make sure to keep this in mind when brewing and be careful with the brew head after you pour in the boiling water. 

What Is a Flair Espresso Maker and Why You Need One

A flair espresso maker is a manual espresso maker that allows you to make top-notch espresso shots from the comfort of your house. You manually do all the work it does not require any electricity.

This makes it even easier to bring with you and travel with. Flair currently has a couple of models to choose from that have different features but are fundamentally the same.

They are all made from high-quality materials and are meant to last a long time. They’re also excellent for anyone who wants to do the work of making their own espresso and/or is new to the world of brewing espresso. They are designed and built with the idea of making espresso easy and delicious every time at an affordable price. 

 Benefits Of Using a Flair Espresso Maker


One of the benefits of using a Flair Espresso Maker is that it is a lot more portable than an automatic espresso machine. The Flair Espresso Maker can easily come apart and some of the models come with a padded carrying case that the parts all fit neatly into. It’s quite easy to bring anywhere with you. 

Make Espresso Anywhere

Another benefit of using a manual espresso maker is that you can essentially make espresso anywhere. Since they are portable, you also do not need electricity to brew your espresso. You just need boiling water, coffee grounds, and a good surface where you can push the lever to pull an espresso shot. 


These manual espresso makers are quite affordable for an espresso maker. They aren’t the cheapest, but they are on the lower end in terms of price but are definitely high quality. For the quality of the machine, we think the price is certainly fair and makes the machine pretty affordable. 

Built To Last

Flair Espresso Machines are also built to last. They all are made with stainless steel and cast aluminum. With regular cleaning, it should last you for many years. 

Easy to Clean 

It is also a very easy espresso maker to clean. You don’t have to descale, backflush, or anything of that sort. It easily disassembles and you just have to rinse the parts out in cool water and let it air dry or dry it by hand. Then reassemble so you can use it again! It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and is overall an easy and quick process


Flair Espresso Machines are great entry-level manual espresso machine. It’s affordable, good quality, and is a fun way to make delicious espresso at home. It’s great for those who want to make their own espresso with an affordable espresso machine.

they are also easy to clean and easy to get the hang of it after you pull a couple of shots of espresso. We do recommend making sure you purchase a good coffee grinder, a pressure gauge, and a tamper if you choose a Flair espresso maker that doesn’t come with those tools.

These machines are not great for those who want to set it and forget it. It will take some manual power to pull the espresso shot so you will have to physially do the work by pushing on the lever after you get the machine set up and ready to brew.

So, if you are someone who is looking for a machine that will do the brewing for you or that you can set up and walk away from, a manual espresso maker, like the ones sold by Flair, won’t be a good choice for you. 

Wrapping Up

Overall, we recommend any model of the Flair Espresso Maker. They’re all made from high-quality materials and are a good price for a manual espresso maker. If you are new to the hobby of making espresso and are looking for a good machine that will be a good bang for your buck, we think any of the Flair Espresso Maker models are an excellent option! We hope you were able to find one you are excited to purchase and is the right fit for you, happy brewing!